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Our Services

A beautiful and functional design is an incredibly important asset to have throughout your home. We offer custom design backed by excellent customer service, whether it's a kitchen or another living space that you are thinking of designing we would be delighted to assist you.  


Design Consultation

At iDesign Kitchens & Interiors, our goal is to create spaces that reflect your unique personality, while optimizing functionality and aesthetics. We believe that the initial interior design consultation sets the foundation for a successful partnership, where collaboration and creativity thrive. Get ready to embark on an inspiring design journey, where your dream space becomes a reality!

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Custom Kitchen


Your kitchen is the backdrop to your life and as such it should reflect your life. Your choices. Your personality. Our Kitchen Designers will work with you to discuss all aspects of creating, remodeling, or updating the kitchen area of your home. 

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Custom Bathroom Design

Do you wish for a relaxing oasis in your own home?  Does your dated space leave something to be desired?  Allow us to find a design built to pamper your senses.

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Custom Interior Design

You’ve got big, beautiful ideas for your dwelling. It makes sense in your head, but the design part always seems to come out like a cluttered mess. Whether your kitchen space needs a little fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, we are here to help. Through some friendly conversation, our Interior Designer will help you achieve the desired aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

Custom Closet 


Organization in our home allows us to relax  and enjoy the space instead of being held hostage by clutter.  We love finding unique solutions to get you organized and more productive.  Don't let the clutter make you anxious, ask about how we can help!

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